Return and Exchange Policy

Your satisfaction is our goal. But the online shopping always exists some risks. Therefore, we promise to accept customer's return and exchange within 30 days after purchase.

1. If you receive a wrong or damaged product, you can return it for free or get a full refund within 30 days. You don't need to send us the wrong or damaged one.

2. If your order exceeds 30 days, you will be responsible for the shipping cost of the item, and we will charge 50% of the order.

3. If the goods are damaged due to your improper operation, we refuse to return the goods.

4. Once we accept your return request, please return the products to our company at the address provided by customer service. We receive the item and check it. Please be assured that the refund will normally be completed within 7 working days. Once your refund is approved, your PayPal account or credit card will receive a refund from us.

5. If you still have not received a refund, please check your account number or contact your credit card bank account. It may take several business days for your credit card account to announce your refund details.

6. If your refund is delayed or lost, please contact us in time. Our email address is: [email protected](if applicable).

7. If your returned goods exceed $80, please choose a safe logistics company and purchase transportation insurance.There is no guarantee that we will receive your goods.

8. If you want to replace other product within 30 days, please return the original to our company, but please ensure that the original appearance is not damaged, no stained and no used, and you will bear the return freight.